Products of polyurethane elastomers

FORM-GUM occupies in the production of elements of solid polyurethane elastomer (PU) in the hardness range from of 15° up to 95°ShA.

We offer a broad scope of services including:

  • recovery of used coating of wheels, rolls, shafts (by removing the coating, casting the new one and mechanical machining of working surface),
  • coverage of steel, brass, aluminum and plastic cores with PU coating
  • production of steel, brass, aluminum or plastic cores with their coverage with polyurethane
  • production of plates, bars, shafts
  • production of elements from PU according to the pattern or drawing rendered by the customer.

Polyurethane is the polymer generated in the process of addition polymerization of multifunctional isocyanates with polyol. due to its comprehensive characteristics it os used in almost every industry and life domain. Polyurethane holds an extraordinary resistance to wearing and tearing, it also characterized by perfect elasticity and high elasticity modulus even with high degree of hardness as well as by good resiliency and vibration isolation. It possesses very high resistance to chemicals, i. e. oils, grease, organic solvents, petrol and many otherl it is also water-proof depending on the type of applied PU. Light or UV radiation does not affect negatively on polyurethane. It is resistant to air and ozone exposition, as a result it undergoes no process of ageing.

Characteristic features of polyurethane elastomers:

  • hardness 15 – 95 ShA
  • range of processing temperature from -30°C to +80°C
  • high tensile strength and cracking resistance
  • oil- and petrol-proof

Examples of application of polyurethane elastomers:

  • elements of screens
  • elements of conveyor belts
  • elements of vehicle bodywork
  • transmission shafts
  • shock absorbers
  • hydrocyclones
  • elements of pumps